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Tis The Season

24 Dec

Wishing you all the Hope, Wonder, and Joy that the Season can bring!

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” ― Hamilton Wright Mabie

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.  ~Norman Vincent Peale


Christmas is not in tinsel and lights and outward show. The secret lies in an inner glow. It’s lighting a fire inside the heart. Good will and joy a vital part. It’s higher thought and a greater plan. It’s glorious dream in the soul of man. -Wilfred A. Peterson, The Art of Living

The xmas holidays have this high value: that they remind Forgetters of the Forgotten, & repair damaged relationships.”
– Mark Twain, from a letter to Carlotte Welles, December 30, 1907Christmas, the holiday season, is, at its best, a time of remembering who and what is important. A time of healing.

Merry Christmas to the forgetters, the forgotten, and all who believe in our power to heal all the ills, hatreds, and misfortunes that at times plague us all.

 Falalallalalallala!  The Christmas holiday is my favorite season of the year!  I try my best to spend Christmas back east every year in Pittsburgh where I’m from.  However, this year I’ve decided to festively enjoy my time in sunny Los Angeles.  I have to admit I’m totally envious of all these Facebook posts I see about “being snowed in” and “family parties with all the comfort food,” not that I need 

any…  Image

Although I’m desperately envious of all the fixings I’m going to miss this year I’ve tried to keep myself busy here.  Some of you are aware that I have a hobby of making soy couture candles.  I had a roommate years ago whose father owned Archipelago Botanicals.  My roommate offered me a business partnership so we opened an Ebay store and liquidated for Archipelago.  The name of my business was My Couture Candles.  I quickly became a power seller and had a polished reputation.  Unfortunately I had to close down that business but I never forgot how happy  I was in that time.  Many customers emailed me and told me they would follow me wherever I went.  It was a really wonderful experience.  I am extremely grateful for that opportunity, so thank you Chaya for that.  Six months ago I decided to dabble again.  I didn’t have the luxury of being able to sell Archipelago so I decided to work on my own line.  Here are a few photos of the candles I have been selling.  Thank you so much to all my friends who have purchased my Holiday Candles and continue to support me in my endeavors!  I’m really looking forward to flourishing in 2013!Image


My Supplement Secrets

6 Aug

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same

-Nelson Mandela

Being Happy begins on the inside!  My father always said you aren’t any good to anyone else if you aren’t any good to yourself.  It’s so important to love yourself and be kind to yourself.  Remember, you changed this world the day you were born and you continue to shine your light on others everyday.    In order to be successful in our lives we have to feel balanced in mind, body and spirit.  I love snooping around on the internet and finding really awesome supplements.   What’s great about these supplements is not only an inner balance but how much better you look and feel.  Let’s be real,  it’s all about having a georgous body, glowing skin and beautiful voluminous hair!   Here are my favoritesupplements to take!

Green Vibrance

Kilo – Bulk Size Green Vibrance Powder
1Kilo (35.27 oz.)

  • The Greatest Food on Earth™
  • Nutritional Powerhouse
  • Strengthens Immunity
  • Improves Digestion
  • Improves Circulation
  • Fights Stress
  • Builds Energy & Endurance
  • Best Tasting Green Superfood
  • It has led the way since 1992.
  • The others are still following.
  • It’s profound. It’s the greening of .

As a food, once each day – or more often if you would like – mix one rounded tablespoon scoop (enclosed) of Green Vibrance into 4 to 8 ounces of your favorite juice, rice beverage, or water. Stir briskly or shake briefly in a closed container until mixed. Drink, enjoy and prosper.
Breakfast – or anytime – is great for Green Vibrance.

Proper Care & Storage
Green Vibrance contains more friendly, healthful probiotics than any other superfood. Please store Green Vibrance in your freezer (best) or refrigerator (good) after opening.


Tonic Alchemy

Tonic Alchemy™ is a remarkable, cutting edge, blend of “superfoods” from all around the world—from the deepest oceans to theworld’s highest mountains. Ingredients come from almost every continent and every type of environment on earth. These superfoods are so nutrient-dense that just a single tablespoon ofTonic Alchemy™ blended with a liquid will provide more nutrition than most Americans assimilate in an entire day.Tonic Alchemy™ is delicious and is easy to prepare. You will look forward to each opportunity to enjoy this life-giving “superfood” matrix. Every serving is a step toward radiant health.Tonic Alchemy™ is made up of a number of Component Groups, totaling 71 ingredients in 1 single blend. The Component Groups are:

  • Cereal Grasses
  • Other Green Superfoods
  • Supertonic Herbs
  • Sprouts
  • Algae
  • Sea Vegetables
  • Super Fruits
  • Garden Vegetables
  • Mineral & Electrolyte Sources
  • Naturally Healthy Taste
  • Probiotics

Mega Foods Blood Builders

Helps maintain healthy iron levels in the blood*

By the way, If you have under eye circles or swelling under the eyes you totally need build builders!  These are super amazing!  I have the best skincare money can buy.  I use La Prairie  and Christian Dior.   I promise you that no under eye moisturizers can fix this problem if you are iron deficient.  It took me years to figure this out!  I got the tip on Blood Builders from Dr. Teas Herbal Emporium on Robertson Blvd.  Ladies, If you are suffering from Endometriosis blood builders are so important to have.  The herbalist told me that when you are in pain with PMS  it’s like mopping the floors with spit.  Every month your body is cleansing and if you don’t have enough blood in your body, you can’t clean properly.  You will see results within 12 hours of taking these!  My favorite!  I pop them for photo shoots and my under eye area looks perfect!  Anyone can take these pills.  I can’t say enough good things about Blood Builders!

Blood Builder provides 100% whole food iron with synergistic nutrients and organic beet root to maintain healthy levels of iron.* Restoring iron levels helps to combat fatigue and improve energy levels.* In addition proper iron levels supports healthy immune response, healthy skin and optimal athletic performance.* Organic beet root, a deep-red restorative food revered for its ability to nourish, purify and strengthen the blood, enriches our Blood Builderformula.* The inclusion of 100% whole food vitamin C enhances iron bioavailability and utilization for maximum nutritional benefit.  Iron in a natural 100% whole food form is non-binding and gentle on the stomach.  Find natural iron supplements at MegaFood.

Women’s One Daily

Wholesome nourishment for life in a convenient one tablet daily formula for Women

For women still in their reproductive years, this convenient rejuvenating formula offers a complete spectrum of 100% whole food nutrients essential for life.*  Organic herbs including chaste tree berry, ashwagandha root and red raspberry leaf are uniquely suited to support the health of the female reproductive and endocrine systems.* Immune-supportive herbs and foods are also included to for daily protection.


Product Features

Size: 180 capsules
  • Improve Stamina And Endurance Decrease Recovery Time And Soreness After Exercise And Competition And Speed The Healing Of Injuries
  • Improve Protein And Amino Acid Utilization To Help Build And Maintain Lean Mass Decrease Fat Storage And Production And Support A Good Metabolic Rate
  • Improve Oxygen Uptake And Utilization Optimize Glandular Function
  • Decrease Mild Joint Pain And Strengthen Bones Improve Circulation And Immune Function
  • Promote Sleep And Elevate Mood Heighten Reflexes And Concentration

Vital Hair Essence

I’m not currently taking this but I have in the past.  My hair was thick and strong.  I had so much volume!  I have tried other hair pills but these take the cake!  If you know of another brand that you love message me!  

Vital Hair Essence is the most advanced hair building formula available. It combines the most famous herbs used for the growth of full, healthy hair. The name of the principal herb, Ho Shou Wu, translates as “Mr. Ho’s black hair,” referring to the herb’s unique ability to restore original hair color in those who are graying. Other herbs in the formula assist Ho Shou Wu by improving circulation to the hair follicles of the scalp, acting as guides to focus the nourishing effect of the formula where you most need it. Vital Hair Essence can be used by anyone experiencing diminished hair volume and luster, or an increase of dry, damaged hair resulting from stress, overwork, birthing, long-term illness, or substance abuse.

Ingredients: Ho Shou Wu, Black Sesame Seeds, Ligustrum, Morus Fruit, Eclipta, Gastrodia, Psoralea, White Peony, Mouton, Tang Kuei, Asparagus Root, Anemarrhena.

Other ingredients: Cellulose.

It’s Mani Pedi Time!

16 Jul

I was invited to a beautiful wedding this week so I had a lot of prepping to do! I’ve been seeing a lot of innovative ideas for mani pedi’s so I got excited and decided to book an appointment at the super luxury nail spa, chinail in Beverly hills! What a great experience! I went with an elegant and classy design. $350.00 later, well I hope you like the pics!

Rockstar Gel Manicure


It’s pretty amazing how they do this.  They actually dust real glitter on your nails and seal it.


Rockstar Gel Pedicure



I’m always looking for inspiration in my nail designs.  I NEVER wear Gold.  I’m always dressed in big silver or diamond accessories.  So I thought, maybe I need to venture out of my comfort zone this time, and I’m glad I did.  I’m loving this gold glitter dust and diamond look.  I went to Pampered Hands on Melrose.  It was 1/3 of the cost of Chi Nails.  The total for the bill was $100 plus a $20.00 tip.  Woo hoo!  BTW I always tip at least 20%.  Never less.  Oh and if you’re wondering where I bought the beautiful bracelets, I bought them at Shuku_NewYork.  Shuku is my new favorite store for accessories!

Paris, France pt. 2

22 Feb

After two days in Switzerland we decided to take a drive to Paris since I had been flying for so many hours.  The cars were racing at over 120 mph.  Europeans are crazy:)  We finally made it to Paris at midnight.  After checking in we walked in the rain and took our own little tour around the city at night.  Paris has the most beautiful architecture I have seen.   Once we arrived back at the Ritz we decided we needed a nightcap so we had a drink at a little private bar in the back section of the Ritz, I don’t recall the name.  There were photos of celebrities and famous people all over the walls and I could just imagine how many had been in this little bar sipping a fine glass of vino just like myself.

The Ritz Hotel in Paris, France

The architecture was beautiful!

The Academie National de Musique

Here are some photos of our Room at the Ritz.  It reminded me of a Juicy Couture Add.  And P.S. the coffee was amazing!  It’s all in the detail:)

I wanted to take steal these towels!  They were gorge!

More Ritz!  Sorry to be flip flopping with pics but I wanted to mix it up!

Paris, France @ the Ritz part 1

11 Feb

If you know me, you know my birthday is a BIG DEAL.  Every year I consult my best girlfriends about how were going to make this celebration something to cherish forever.  If I don’t call them, they’ll call me.  My birthday is an excuse for some serious fierce girl time.  I’ve had gorgeous dinners at the most beautiful restaurants in Los Angeles.  I’ve partied in all the biggest nightclubs and it all seemed so boring to me.  Once you’ve done all that, where do you go from there?  The lightbulb turned on and I said, let’s do Europe.  Helllllll yeeeaaaa!  I really wanted Melissa, Kristyn, Irene and Dino to come along because I love them so very much but everyone’s so busy and it was tough orchestrating the event.  I’ve had the same agent for ten years,…Melanie Jayne.  So when the opportunity came I thought of her.  Melanie has been handling me as an actress for a long time.  She has always been there for me through the toughest times:)   Bottom line, I love Melanie.  And I owe her big time!  So I asked her to join me in Europe for my birthday!  And we KILLED IT!

My Birthday Trip -Switzerland

9 Feb


The plane ride from Los Angeles to Geneva, Switzerland was painful to put it nicely.  So I won’t dwell.  I did meet some really wonderful people who shared some great story’s about traveling and their love for each other.  I’ll never forget that.  Once I made it to Switzerland I was ready to drop.  But there’s no time for being tired!  I’m in Switzerland!  I was greeted with hugs and the most beautiful Birthday Cake!  We were so busy running all around Geneva and enjoying my time there that I never took a bite out of that cake!  So I guess it just looked good:)  We went to this gorgeous hotel restaurant for my birthday dinner.  I have no idea what the name was but it was definitely beautiful.  I had such a fabulous time in Switzerland I hope you enjoy the pictures!

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